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~ What's your story ~

True Story offers a structured and efficient approach for executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and influencers to be heard, to be understood, and to make their mark.

We get you, and with our proprietary intake and discovery process, we will get to sound like you, too. Your regular content requirements are met, the writing sounds like something you would say yourself if you had the time, and you get to focus on other responsibilities.

We've heard there's usually a few things on your plate. Trust True Story to tell your story.

~ Our Services ~


Personal Branding

• Personal brand positioning

• Subject matter expertise discovery and strategy

• Tone of voice and public persona discovery

• Customized content strategy


Executive Writing / Communication

• Speechwriting

• Presentations

• Company-wide memos, announcements & communications

• Executive summaries for annual reports, investor relations and overall “message from the President” communications

• Press releases



• Blogs

• Whitepapers

• Articles/Opinion Pieces

• Business Books

• Autobiographies


Public Relations Strategy

• Editorial Calendar development

• Targeted media lists and pitch development

• Regular analysis of current campaigns



“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway
If you find it tough to write, you’re doing something right. And nothing feels more daunting than setting out to write a book. True Story’s proprietary blogs-to-book development process ensures the experience is more rewarding, and a lot less terrifying.


~ Our Partners ~


True Story is part of a global community of marketing experts called Communo. Having access to this vetted group enables us to quickly scale our services to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Languages in motion

Languages in Motion provides document translations and professional interpreting services in more than 65 languages as well as Certified Conference Interpreting in 50 languages. LiM only works with Certified Translators who are experts in languages they work within.